Types of Vape Pods and Their Favorite Benefits

Still classified as a new generation, it turns out vpods have many loyal fans, people use vape pods as a backup when their vape mod runs out of battery. Regardless, pod systems now come equipped with many great features that make them worthy of being used as your primary vaping device.

The popularity of pod systems is not without reason. In addition to its mini size and easy to carry everywhere, this device also makes vaping more comfortable. Especially for people who have just switched to vaping, the pod system is significantly more user-friendly.

Confused by the many vape pod options? Start by knowing the types of pod systems, their advantages and disadvantages so as not to make the wrong choice.

Open Pod Vape System

One type of vape pod that you can find on the market is the open pod system. This system allows vapers to easily modify their devices.

Advantages of an open system

The supplied cartridge or pod has a small hole with a rubber cover. From there you can fill in the different liquids of your choice.

The open pod system uses a salty type liquid that suits the small wattage of the vape pod. Now the open pod system has an AIO (All in One) concept, which means it is compatible with freebase liquid like a vape mod.

The flexibility offered by an open pod vape system is a major advantage. You are free to replace the coil with a variety of ohm choices. The average coil of an open pod system has a resistance of 0.6 to 1.0 ohms. These coils are widely available in the market. Some even offer rewicking packages for mesh coils used in open pod systems at affordable prices.

Disadvantages of open systems

The ease of customizing vaping devices requires you to be patient to assemble this device yourself. The open pod system requires extra care that is not careless. First, the cartridge tends to leak. This problem usually occurs when you overfill the cartridge. Leaks can also occur if the cotton starts to burn and therefore cannot fully absorb the liquid. Therefore, always check the condition of the cartridge when purchasing an open pod vape system.

You should be prepared to feel a sticky feeling every time you fill the cartridge with liquid. Often the liquid can also wet the bag you store the vape pod in.

A more complicated problem is that of rewicking the mesh coil. Quite difficult, especially if you are inexperienced. If there is a mistake, it is not the liquid taste that appears, but the burnt taste of cotton and the feeling of heat that causes itching in the throat. The easiest way to avoid this is to purchase resistors directly. Make sure you use it according to the instructions so it lasts longer.

Closed Pod Vape System

As the name suggests, closed pod systems or closed systems are more conventional than open systems. This type comes with a cartridge or pod containing liquid. When they run out, you simply buy the best vape pod that suits your taste. Most closed-system vapes come with a plug and play system for liquid-filled cartridges.

Advantages of a closed system

It’s true, the closed vape pod system is less flexible. But you are free to use it without worrying about having to carry out complicated maintenance. You no longer need to replace the spool or worry about burning the cotton. Your hands won’t stick either because you don’t need to add liquid. Essentially all aspects of the closed module system are designed to operate optimally and automatically.

Another advantage is that closed pod systems are generally free of liquid leaks. The shape is smaller so you can easily store it in a pants pocket or small bag. There are also many choices of the best vape pods with unique liquid flavors, like the infy 6000 which offers dozens of authentic flavor variations. The devices are also more sophisticated.

Now do you know why vape pods are many people’s favorite? Buy it now and get the best vape pod prices in the store.